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29th Aug 2019

Mis-sold Business PPI Policy Indicators

You may have good reason to think that you have a claim for a mis-sold Business PPI policy, or you may even just have a slight suspicion. Either way, it will take action in order to claim compensation as your bank will not approach you and inform you that you have been mis-sold and present you with a cheque for the full amount of compensation.

In order to start the claims enquiry process, here is a summary list of some of the key indicators to that will help you identify if you have a potential Business PPI mis-selling claim. Please be aware that this list is non-exhaustive and it may be the case that you have a valid claim for other reasons not contained on the list. Please check with us for further details or if you are unsure.

Mis-sold Business PPI Indicators

  • Did you realise that you ever had Business PPI?
  • At the time of sale of the Business PPI policy, did you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions or were you registered as disabled?
  • Did you have any other means of making payments on your loan, overdraft, credit card or mortgage in the event of illness, injury or death such as other insurance policies or personal savings?
  • Were you ever informed that Business PPI was an optional extra to the loan, overdraft, credit card or mortgage?
  • Were the features, benefits, and risks of the Business PPI policy properly explained to you at the point of sale of the policy?
  • Were you told the Business PPI policy was a condition of the loan, overdraft, credit card or mortgage?
  • Were the costs of the Business PPI policy and the rate of interest explained to you?
  • Were you advised or recommended to take out the Business PPI policy?
  • Have you ever missed any payments or gone into arrears on the business account?
  • Have you ever made a claim on the Business PPI policy?
  • Is the Business PPI policy still running or has it been cancelled?


You can submit a claim directly to the lender yourself for no charge. You can also approach the Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme for free to review your case, providing it falls within their remit and you have approached your lender first.


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