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Catalogue PPI Claims

Catalogue PPI Claims
Did you have PPI cover on your catalogue account?


How to claim PPI Compensation on Catalogue accounts

PPI was mis-sold on numerous different types of account, from many banks and lenders. Since the scandal first broke several years ago, thousands of people have claimed back money spent on insurance policies that they didn’t need, want or, in some cases, know about.
However, a surprising amount of people are not aware that PPI was added to products other than loans and mortgages.

Catalogue Mis-sold PPI

A large amount of the accounts and credit services provided by catalogues are underwritten by other financial institutions. Some of these are not well known, but others are remarkably famous.
Some of these credit facilities were provided by companies that have since been purchased by larger banks, and these banks are now responsible for handling the PPI complaints.

Do or Did You Have a Catalogue Account?

If you have a reasonable belief that PPI may have been attached to your catalogue, before making a claim for mis-sold PPI, you could find out which of your catalogues had PPI attached first through PPI check (which is provided as part of the claims offered).

Make sure that you read the small print of the account terms and conditions carefully, as PPI was often included without being brought to the customer’s attention. It was also often added as an afterthought, and you may have received a letter telling you that the product had been added to account.
If you notice that your account had PPI attached to it, think back to when it was sold to you. Can you remember when or why you agreed to it? Were you informed that it would be added?

Complaining About PPI

If you notice a PPI policy, and think that it was mis-sold, you can make a complaint to either the catalogue company or the provider of the account facilities. You will need to tell them that you have PPI attached to the account, explain why you believe it was mis-sold, and make it clear that you want compensation.

Or, Let us Handle the Claim for You

We offer a Free PPI Check** which aims to identify any PPI you were sold by your lenders. If any PPI was or may have been present, you will then be advised of your options and the possibility of reclaiming any money you may be owed for your PPI. To get started with your Free PPI Check**, contact us on Freephone: 0333 443 2500.


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If you have ever had a catalogue account you may have been Mis Sold PPI and could be due back thousands of £££’s.

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Catalogue Companies Who Sold PPI

The following catalogue companies may have sold PPI to you. Please note this is not an exhaustive list. If you have a PPI complaint or want to check if you were mis-sold PPI by the retailer, please complete our simple FREE PPI Check** form or call 0333 443 2500.

Ace Gifts and Cards Catalogue PPI Claim

Ambrose Wilson Catalogue PPI Claim

Choice Catalogue PPI Claim

CrazyClearance Catalogue PPI Claim

Daxon Catalogue PPI Claim

Definitions Catalogue PPI Claim

Ellos Catalogue PPI Claim

Empire Stores Catalogue PPI Claim

Fashion World Catalogue PPI Claim

Fifty Plus Catalogue PPI Claim

Figleaves Catalogue PPI Claim

Freemans Catalogue PPI Claim

GoodSouls Catalogue PPI Claim

Grattan Catalogue PPI Claim

Gray & Osbourn Catalogue PPI Claim

Great Universal Stores Catalogue PPI Claim

High and Mighty Catalogue PPI Claim

Home Essentials Catalogue PPI Claim

House Of Bath Catalogue PPI Claim

Index Catalogue PPI Claim

Isme Catalogue PPI Claim

Jacamo Catalogue PPI Claim

Julipa (ex Heather Valley) Catalogue PPI Claim

Kaleidoscope Catalogue PPI Claim

Kays Catalogue PPI Claim

Ladybird Catalogue PPI Claim

La Redoute Catalogue PPI Claim

Littlewoods Catalogue PPI Claim

Look Again Catalogue PPI Claim

Love Label Catalogue PPI Claim

Marisota Catalogue PPI Claim

Marshall Ward Catalogue PPI Claim

Next Directory Catalogue PPI Claim

Oli Catalogue PPI Claim

Oxendales Catalogue PPI Claim

Premier Man Catalogue PPI Claim

Savoir Catalogue PPI Claim

Shapely Figures Catalogue PPI Claim

Shoe Tailor Catalogue PPI Claim

Simply Be Catalogue PPI Claim

Simply Yours Catalogue PPI Claim

So Fabulous Catalogue PPI Claim

South Catalogue PPI Claim

Studio Catalogue PPI Claim

The Brilliant Gift Shop Catalogue PPI Claim

The Value Catalogue PPI Claim

The X Catalogue Store PPI Claim

Vertbaudet Catalogue PPI Claim

Very Catalogue PPI Claim

VivaLaDiva.com Catalogue PPI Claim

Woolworths Catalogue PPI Claim


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PPI Claims for Deceased Persons

Deceased Persons

If a PPI policyholder is deceased, any money owed to them becomes part of their estate, so whoever inherits the estate is entitled to make a PPI reclaim. This can be done by an executor or the person appointed to carry out their wishes after death. We automatically assume that reclaiming mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for deceased parents and grandparents may not be possible due to the passage of time.

However, the truth of the matter is it is quite straight forward to make a successful claim for mis-sold PPI for someone who is deceased.

To reclaim mis-sold PPI start with a FREE PPI check** with us today.


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Armed Forces Personnel & PPI

Armed Forces PPI

Armed forces personnel have cover for sickness, accident & unemployment built into their salaries. This protection means that if a member of the armed forces was unable to work due to one of these reasons, they would still be able to meet any mortgage, loan or credit card repayments they had. So any PPI insurance policies would NOT have been appropriate. To find out if you can reclaim for mis-sold PPI, start a FREE PPI check** with us today.

UK Expats & Non-British Nationals

Expat PPI Claim

Did you have a loan, credit card or mortgage in the UK between 1988 and 2014? As a British Expat or Non-UK National who has lived in the UK for a long period, it is likely that finances were arranged while you were a resident in Britain. This may include loans, mortgages or credit cards and, even though you are no longer living in the country you can still claim mis-sold PPI. You could be eligible to claim for mis-sold PPI!

Public Sector Workers PPI Claim

Public Sector PPI

For many public sector workers, the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) they were sold was useless. However, for some of these workers it would not have been useless, depending on the policy type and cover it provided them with.

If you had PPI and it provided you with extra cover that hadn’t been included in your employment contract, then it may have been useful for you.

Business PPI Check and Claims

Business PPI Claims - Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance

Business PPI - Like most consumer PPI policies, business PPI also know as commercial PPI was sold alongside secured and unsecured loans, overdrafts, credit cards and mortgages. Business Loan Repayment Insurance is a type of insurance policy sold alongside commercial loans, including Fixed Rate Loans, Variable Rate Loans and Treasury Loans. If you had a commercial or business loan between 1988 and 2014 you may be eligible for a PPI refund. Start a Free Business PPI Check and find out if you have mis-sold PPI to reclaim.