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29th Aug 2019

Monthly PPI Payouts – How much compensation has been paid out for PPI Claims?

£34.2bn has Already been Paid Out !

A total of £334m was paid in January 2019 to consumers who complained about the way they were sold payment protection insurance (PPI). This takes the amount paid since January 2011 to a staggering £34.2bn.

PPI Payouts By Year 2011 – 2019

Monthly PPI payouts – Source: FCA – Last Updated: 18th Mar 2019

Jan £334mJan £415.8mJan £239.9mJan £311.8m updated to £377.6m **Jan £424.5mJan £389.2mJan £439.3mJan £405.4mJan £36m
Feb £361.2mFeb £235.3mFeb £423.9mFeb £361.0mFeb £329.5mFeb £409mFeb £473.1mFeb £36.1m
Mar £389.6m Mar £246.4mMar £456.4mMar £399.1mMar £349.8mMar £375.9mMar £501.6mMar £32.4m
Apr £398.3m Apr £205.3mApr £405.8mApr £410.1mApr £410.3mApr £424mApr £572mApr £28.6m
May £403.4mMay £260m £266.8mMay £390.4mMay £407.4mMay £422mMay £735.3mMay £39.8m
June £383mJune £262.5m Jun £262.2mJun £406.7mJun £390.3mJun £498mJun £614.6mJun £66.4m
Jul £353m Jul £250.5m Jul £244.6mJul £327.9mJul £383.2mJul £528mJul £512.3mJul £103.2m
Aug £342.3mAug £271.5mAug £259.8mAug £300.5mAug £312.8mAug £446mAug £601.4mAug £244.5m
Sep £309mSep £298.8m Sep £247.6mSep £329.7mSep £353.8mSep £444mSep £516.4mSep £225.3m
Oct £326m updated to £329.3m***Oct £324.8mOct £223.7mOct £366.0mOct £375.6m updated to £391.1mOct £524mOct £578.2mOct £321.9m
Nov £306.7m updated to £309.7m***Nov £398mNov £242.1mNov £393.8mNov £329.6m updated to £349.0mNov £425mNov £410.8mNov £464.4m
Dec £258.9m updated to £261.3m***Dec £366.9mDec £213.1m Dec £365.7mDec £339.1m updated to £408.6mDec £324mDec £360.1mDec £535.5m

* The PPI redress figures for October, November and December 2014 were updated on 7 April 2015.

** The PPI redress figure for January 2016 was updated on 18 May 2016.

*** The PPI redress figure for October 2018, November 2018 and December 2018 was updated on 18 March 2019.

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