Free Plevin PPI Claim Check

Free Plevin PPI Claim Check

In the 2014 landmark case, Plevin vs Paragon Personal Finance Ltd, Mrs Susan Plevin discovered that 71.8% of her PPI payments were actually commission taken by Paragon for the sale of the policy.

The Supreme Court said that this breached the Consumer Credit Act as Mrs Plevin was unaware of the high rate of commission, and had she of known, she may not have taken out the PPI policy.

Ruling in her favour, the court ordered Paragon to refund the commission paid, as well as pay extra in compensatory interest.

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Plevin vs Paragon Supreme Ruling

Claiming Plevin PPI

The ‘Plevin PPI’ Supreme Court Ruling means PPI claims can still be made where the Bank or Credit Card charged a high level of hidden commission that the customer was not aware of. We can find out if you had ‘Plevin PPI’ and can still make a claim despite the 2019 PPI Claim deadline.

Who can claim under the Plevin ruling?

Even though the FCA's deadline for complaining about PPI directly to a firm has expired these claims aren’t affected by the August 2019 deadline.

Plevin PPI claims can be made against your bank or finance provider if:

If over 50% of your PPI premiums were paid in commission to the bank or lender but this was not disclosed to you.

Your PPI claim was rejected without any compensation awarded, or

You've never previously complained or made a claim about your PPI policy, or

You tried to make a PPI claim before August 2019 but failed due to lack of records.

How we can help with your Plevin PPI Claim

Plevin PPI claims can now only be made through the court so there is still a way that thousands of people could get money back.

Don't worry if you’re unsure whether you are eligible to make a claim under the Plevin ruling, MoneyPlus Legal will always conduct a full review of all your PPI credit agreement(s) to establish whether there is a case for unfair relationship.

MoneyPlus legal will use their expansive 'Plevin' based PPI claims experience to investigate, negotiate and settle any claim as quickly as possible. You will be kept informed throughout the Claim process, The Plevin PPI Check and claim service is simple and completed on a no win no fee basis*.

The Plevin Claims Process

Step 1

Start Your Plevin PPI Check

MoneyPlus Legal will call you to discuss your potential claim, confirm some details & explain the next steps to progress your claim.

Step 2

Sign & Return Our Pre-Filled Forms

MoneyPlus Legal will send out a claim pack with letter of authority to sign & return back so they can start your Plevin PPI check.

Step 3

Your Plevin Claim Eligibility Checked

MoneyPlus Legal will contact the lender(s) to ascertain how much commission was charged on your PPI policy & eligibility for a refund.

Ready to Start Your Plevin Claim?

If you believe you may be eligible to make a commission claim start your free Plevin PPI check with MoneyPlus Legal today. We'll check your finance agreement(s) & any associated PPI policies to establish if you have a valid claim against your bank or finance provider.

MoneyPlus Legal Plevin PPI Service:

  • 100% Free - No obligation Plevin PPI check!
  • Operates on a No-Win, No Fee Basis*
  • No Upfront Fees Required
  • Fully Regulated by the SRA

Find out if you are eligible to make a high commission PPI claim under the 'Plevin' ruling with MoneyPlus Legal. is a trading style of MoneyPlus Legal. MoneyPlus Legal is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA Number 428794.
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Your lender may have charged unfair commission on your PPI policy, incorrectly rejected your PPI claim previously, or miscalculated your redress payment and you may be due a refund. To find out if you are eligible to reclaim under the Plevin ruling, complete your contact details below & we'll be in touch to start your no obligation Plevin PPI check.


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