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29th Aug 2019


You could be owed £1,000s in PPI compensation.

FREE PPI Check** on Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Store Cards & Catalogues.

Banks, Lenders & Other Finance Providers Facing Mis-sold PPI Claims

Bank of America
Yorkshire Bank
TSB Bank
Clydesdale Bank
Co-op Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland
Natwest Bank
B&Q Warehouse
American Express
Lloyds Bank
Virgin Money
Bank of Scotland
Lloyds TSB Bank

(Please note: this is just a selection of providers facing PPI queries there are many more.)

Start Your FREE PPI Check Below


If you feel you were mis-sold PPI or unsure if you had this on any of your loans, credit cards, mortgage, store cards, overdrafts or catalogue accounts you only have until 29th August 2019 to submit your PPI complaint to the lender, or you will be unable to recover any money that may be rightfully yours. start your FREE PPI check** now.

What happens Next?

1. We call you to start your PPI Check & Complete Forms

For us to proceed with your FREE PPI Check**, we will need to speak with you to confirm some details, including your FULL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, and ADDRESS DETAILS (CURRENT AND PREVIOUS). We will also discuss which lenders we can investigate for you.

Once we have set up your PPI Check, we will post forms out for you to read, sign and return to us. You can call us on 01925 552 923 if you notice any details need changing.

2. You Sign, Date Documents & FREEPOST Back to Us

Sign and date the forms and return to us in the free post envelope provided – no stamp required!

3. Your PPI Check(s) are Registered with Lender(s)

We register your PPI check with your lender.

On average, a response will be issued within 6 weeks from your PPI information check being sent to your lender, although timeframes vary dependent upon the lender.

4. The Lender(s) Locate & Verify Account Information

If your lender cannot locate you or requires verification in order to release details, we will be in contact to obtain some further details of you in order for us to return them to complete the check.

5. Account(s) & PPI Status Confirmed by Lender(s)

Once you have been located/verified, your lender will return to us with confirmation of all accounts you have held with them for as far back as their records go. They will also confirm the PPI status of each account.

6. PPI Check Outcome(s) & Options Are Discussed With You

  • If you have not paid PPI, we will contact you to advise you of the same.
  • If your lender is unable to confirm whether PPI is on a particular account – we will contact you to advise you of your options moving forward on the possibility of presenting your claim for your refund.
  • If PPI is located on your account – we will again contact you to advise you of your options moving forward on presenting your claim for a refund.

  • A Special Note For Multiple PPI Checks

    If you have multiple checks with us for multiple lenders, the time-frames of responses from lenders may vary, however, we will always ensure that we advise you of which lender correspondence refers to and be available for support and guidance throughout this process on 01925 552 923, should you so require.

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