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29th Aug 2019

HFC Bank PPI Claim

Did you have PPI on your HFC Loan?

HFC Bank and PPI Claims

Between 2005 and 2007, HFC Bank sold PPI with 75 per cent of the loans that they sold. This means that 163,000 customers were at risk of being mis-sold PPI.

Before making a claim for mis-sold PPI, find out if your HFC loan account had PPI attached to it. This applies to both the online loan facility and the more traditional paper loan agreements.

Many did not carefully read the small print of the account terms and conditions, and PPI was often included to accounts without being brought to the customer’s attention. It was also often added as an afterthought, and you may have received a letter telling you that the product had been added to the account.

Grounds On Which PPI May Have Been Mis-Sold By HFC

  • You were not made aware by HFC that you were being sold PPI on your account.
  • You were told by HFC that having the PPI policy was compulsory requirement.
  • HFC did not check if you had any exclusions that would make it impossible to make a claim on the PPI policy?
  • You were led to believe by HFC that you needed to buy PPI from them to be accepted for the loan account.
  • HFC didn’t check to see if you already had this type of insurance cover through your employer or another policy.
  • You believed HFC sold you the wrong insurance product.
  • HFC did not check your employment status to ensure you were not self-employed, unemployed or retired as PPI does not cover these.
  • HFC didn’t check if you had any pre-existing medical conditions before selling you the cover.
  • HFC has already been fined and or is facing PPI queries.

What Should I Do To Start My HFC PPI Claim?

Start by finding your paperwork with evidence of mis-sold PPI. You will need this to make a claim. If you no longer have the paperwork, don’t worry at PPIClaims.com we can find out if you bought PPI on any previous products or accounts.

If you notice that your account had PPI attached to it, think back to when it was sold to you. Can you remember when or why you agreed to it? Were you informed that it would be added?

If you can’t remember please dont worry, we can check if you had PPI with HFC for free.

How Do I Start My HFC PPI Claim?

We’d like to discuss the details of your case with you, so your complaint can be lodged with HFC as quickly as possible.

Start your Free PPI check process by using our online form. Complete the required contact information to help us establish if you have held a policy with HFC. To start your claim:

  1. Call our dedicated number for PPI claims on 0333 443 9158
  2. Complete our free PPI check form above to start the PPI claim process.

What If My PPI Claim Has Already Been Rejected By HFC?

If you have raised a previous PPI complaint with HFC which was not upheld, and you wish to raise a further complaint relating only to the commission charged under the Plevin ruling on your PPI policy, please complete our online PPI Commission refund form.

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Other Providers Facing PPI Claims

High Commission PPI Claim

PPI commission

A new ruling, called ‘Plevin’, came into effect on 29 August 2017 and deals with high levels of PPI commission charged.

In this instance commission is a reward paid to a bank or other provider by an insurer for the sale of PPI. If you had PPI, the money for this commission would come out of the payments you made for the policy.

This means you can make a fresh claim under new Plevin ruling even if your initial claim was rejected.


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