Lloyds TSB Mortgage Plevin PPI Claim

Lloyds TSB Mortgage Plevin PPI ClAIm

PPI has been the biggest financial mis-selling scandal in the world, in which a staggering £38 billion was given back to consumers for mis-sold PPI in compensation by banks & finance providers before the 2019 PPI deadline. However, even after this the PPI scandal is far from over!

The good news is that you can still make new PPI Claims under a new ruling but this time its for undisclosed high commission. This type of PPI claim is separate to the PPI redress scheme that ended in 2019 and is based on the amount of commission you were charged on your PPI policy.


Find out how you could still be owed money from Lloyds TSB

Potter vs Canada Square - Latest ruling April 2021

The case of Canada Square Operations Limited v Beverley Potter [2020] brought a degree of clarity to the issue of limitation points in Plevin Litigation. This judgment was welcomed by law firms, claims management companies and claimants alike as it strengthened the claimants’ argument that these claims should not have a limitation period applied to them due to the concealment of PPI commission levels. This meant that claims are no longer confined to a six-year limitation period from when your credit card/loan/mortgage or other finance ended.

Potter v Canada Square Ruling - April 2021

About Lloyds TSB

Originally named the “Trustee Savings Bank”, before becoming part of the Lloyds TSB group, TSB re-entered the stock exchange with a revamped version of its old identity in 2014. Since then, it’s been pushing its image as a trusted, family-friendly and approachable challenger bank, and is offering some competitive mid-range personal loans to back it up.

TSB Bank was formed in September 2013, from branches that had previously been part of Lloyds TSB, as well as some branches that had been part of Cheltenham and Gloucester.

There are more than 600 branches across the UK, run from their Edinburgh headquarters. At the time of its launch the bank had 4.6 million customers.

TSB offers personal loans, mortgages and credit cards to their customers, as well as providing current and savings accounts, and a range of insurance products.

Mortgage applications were typically made over the phone or in branch, and there were a variety of mortgage types offered, including: Fixed rate , Remortgages, Tracker, Offset and Buy-to-let.

PPI was often sold with mortgages and with the average commission charged at 67%, you may also have been charged a high level of commission on your PPI premium(s). If this wasn't disclosed you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation under a ruling known as the 'Plevin' ruling as this constitutes an unfair relationship. However before making any claim for commission, it is important to find out the level of commission you were charged on your PPI policy premium(s).

What is Plevin PPI?

Plevin refers to a Supreme Court case from November 2014 where Mrs Susan Plevin brought a case against Paragon Personal Finance Ltd regarding her PPI policy. The claim was centred around the commission charges on a PPI policy that Mrs Susan Plevin was sold to cover a secured loan from Paragon.

Mrs Plevin later discovered that in small print of the terms and conditions of the PPI policy that a whopping 71.8% of her premium was the amount of commission she was charged by the lender. She alleged that this was unfair and unclear and took Paragon to court and the case went up to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court agreed with Mrs Plevin and her lawyers, and determined that the sale of the PPI policy was unfair because of the following reasons:

  1. The commission payment was not disclosed;
  2. The high percentage of the PPI premium that was paid as commission.

This decision set precedent for a new category of PPI claims, and opened the floodgates against banks and other finance firms who had sold PPI to their customers.

How is Plevin different to mis-sold PPI?

Originally the PPI scandal was focused on the mis-selling of PPI and whether the policy was suitable or not at the point of sale. however a Plevin PPI claim's focus is on whether Lloyds TSB took a high-level commission from your mortgage PPI premium(s) without telling you about it. If  the commission was hidden, or the commission was unfairly high, then this is deemed to be an unfair relationship between the lender and borrower and is eligible for compensation claim.

Plevin claims are based on a completely different area of law, namely the Consumer Credit Act 1974, so they are not subject to the FCA's PPI deadline, hence claims are still being processed today.

Claiming under the Plevin ruling

You could be eligible to make a claim if:

  • Your PPI policy was sold before 6 April 2007 and open after 6 April 2008; or
    Your PPI policy was sold after 6 April 2007 (whether or not it was still open after 6 April 2008);
  • You have not previously complained about Mis-sold PPI to Lloyds TSB;
  • Your PPI Claim was previously rejected by Lloyds TSB;
  • Lloyds TSB only refunded you for the “Plevin only” part of your PPI (also known as a “tipping point offer”)
    The Plevin ruling means that if more than 50% of your PPI’s cost went to hidden commission to the lender, or the lender and the broker combined, and it was not sufficiently explained to you, you are due compensation.

Did you have PPI with your Lloyds TSB Mortgage?

A recent ruling means simply being sold payment protection insurance (PPI) means you're potentially a victim of a mis-selling. Although the PPI deadline has now passed you could still claim PPI compensation from Lloyds TSB. Find out how below.

Lloyds TSB were one of the many firms involved with the mis-selling of PPI with their mortgage products. You may have been offered PPI when you took a mortgage with them. PPI insurance was designed to cover payments if you were unable to because of an accident, sickness, involuntary unemployment or your death.

With the Plevin ruling and subsequent landmark court cases that have come to light, thousands of people who initially thought they were not eligible to claim may now be eligible to make a claim. This is why many Lloyds TSB  customers are checking their accounts to find out if they had PPI and whether they could be eligible to make to commission claim under the Plevin ruling.

With around 64 Million PPI Polices Sold Between 1990 and 2010 there is a significantly high chance that you are eligible for a refund.

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Find out if you are eligible to make a high commission claim under the new ruling by starting a Free Plevin PPI Check with MoneyPlus Legal.

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Find out if you are eligible to make a high commission claim under the new ruling by starting a Free Plevin PPI Check with MoneyPlus Legal.

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Latest PPI Commission Claim Ruling

Potter has the potential to impact on all types of credit claims!

A new PPI court ruling in April 2021 revealed how the banks used YOUR MONEY to earn hefty commissions for themselves.

Strangely, they forgot to mention the secret commissions they kept when the original PPI rulings came out.

Now the courts have said that any commission they have earned by selling PPI policies is potentially YOURS.

This ruling saw the complainant awarded £7,953.53 in compensation for the commission alone. This includes fees and interest that accrued over the years.

And it’s estimated that other people who had PPI policies will be owed from £1000s in compensation.

Potter v Canada Square Case

In Potter v Canada Square, the Lender [Canada Square Operations Ltd, formerly Egg Banking plc] accepted that the non-disclosure of commission caused unfairness in the relationship; however, it defended the claim on the basis that it was issued outside the widely accepted six-year limitation period.

Mrs Potter’s legal team invoked Section 32 of the Limitation Act 1980, which extends the limitation period due to the deliberate concealment of commission levels by the lender.

Read the Canada Square Operations Limited v Beverley Potter judgement  [2020] EWHC 672 (QB)

What the press said?

Millions more customers can now make new PPI claims – could you get up to £40,000?

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What is Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI)?

PPI was sold alongside a range of financial products including mortgages between late 80’s and 2010.

Mortgage payment protection insurance  (or ‘MPPI’) allows you to continue paying off your mortgage if you are no longer receiving a secure income. PPI  was attached to loans and other forms of credit such as mortgages, credit cards. catalogue accounts and even overdrafts. It was sold on to both consumers and businesses. With over 60 Million consumers sold Payment Protection Insurance there is significant change you could have been sold PPI if you took out a mortgage.

Even though the PPI claims deadline for mis-sold PPI has now passed, you can still check if there was commission paid to your bank or lender when you got your mortgage that you were not made unaware of by your bank or lender.

PPI took many different names so its well worth checking your mortgage statement, these include:

Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance (ASU)
Account cover
Credit insurance
Credit protection
Loan care
Loan insurance
Loan protection
Loan repayment insurance
Mortgage protection
Mortgage insurance
Mortgage repayment insurance
Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI)
Payment cover
Protection plan

Even though the PPI deadline has now passed, you can still check with your bank or lender if a high commission was paid to them with your policy premiums under Plevin ruling.  With around 64 millions policies sold between 1990 and 2010 there is a significantly high chance that you are eligible for a refund.

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