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29th Aug 2019

PPI Claims Process

Getting started with a Free PPI Check** is a simple process. The PPI Deadline has been set so start your claim before the August 2019 deadline. To help you understand the process we outline below the steps involved in the PPI reclaim process.

The PPI Reclaim Process – Step 1

Starting a PPI Check

Getting started is simple. Let PPIClaims.com help find out what PPI you could reclaim

Fill out the PPI check form on this page, or call us on 0333 443 9158 and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process.

We aim to identify any PPI your lenders sold to you, which you could then make a claim to recover.

The PPI Reclaim Process – Step 2

The Pack & Completing the Documents

We fill them in for you with the details, so you just need to read, sign and return them. Or let us know if anything needs updating!.

This guide is about the forms you will receive and what to do with them. This section will provide you with information to consider, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions to explain the documents.

The first step in starting your PPI Check was contacting us. The next simple stage is to complete the forms necessary to start your PPI Check process, with the aim of identifying any PPI your lenders sold to you, which you could reclaim.

Simple steps to get started:

  1. Read, sign and date the documentation in the pack you receive
  2. We contact your lenders for your PPI Check
  3. If any PPI was or may have been present, we will advise you of your options and the possibility of making a claim to recover any money you may be owed for your PPI

Once we receive your pack, we will contact your lender to start the PPI check process. You will be updated regularly of the progress of the investigation.

Barclaycard PPI Claim

Did you have PPI with your Barclaycard Credit Card?


People who use credit cards can find themselves in situations where they cannot repay what is owed, so end up in debt. For this reason customers would want something like payment protection insurance (PPI) to protect their repayments.

The PPI would be payable as a monthly fee on top of the charges the customers pays each month.

PPI can be a useful product if sold in the right way, however, lenders took advantage of the situation and mis-sold the policy purely for boosting their profits.

Barclaycard Credit Card Accounts & PPI

If you were one of the approximately 10 million people who took out a credit card with PPI between 1988 and 2011, you need to check if you were mis-sold the PPI.

Customers who signed up to a credit card with Barclaycard also had PPI available to them but if the PPI was mis-sold, then compensation may be due.

However, there is a deadline from the Financial Conduct Authority of 29 August 2019. If you have a mis-selling claim with Barclaycard about how PPI was sold to you, it must be received by Barclaycard on or by 29 August 2019.

Barclaycard credit cards were sold as a convenient line of credit for customers who could not or did not want to pay in full in one transaction.

Generally, many retailers made a profit on shoppers who failed to pay off the balance on the card each month, when outstanding balances would attract interest charges.

Grounds on Which Credit Card PPI May Have Been Mis-Sold By Barclaycard

Many people took out PPI cover with their credit cards believing it boosted their likelihood of being accepted, or that the policy was a necessity. There are a number of ways in which PPI may have been mis-sold.

Read the questions below, if your answer to any of them is ‘No’, you may have been mis-sold PPI by Barclaycard

  • Were you aware Barclaycard sales staff had included PPI with the credit card?
  • Did Barclaycard advise you not to take out PPI because you were unemployed, retired or a student at the time?
  • Were any enquiries made by Barclaycard to establish if your employer provides full sick pay?
  • Did Barclaycard establish if you already had PPI insurance or the equivalent in place?
  • Was it explained to you by Barclaycard sales staff that the PPI was an optional extra and that it had no bearing on your chances of getting a credit card?
  • Was everything involved with the PPI explained properly to you by Barclaycard,for example did you receive a full cost breakdown?
  • Were the PPI policy exclusions explained to you by Barclaycard?

How do I Start a credit card PPI claim with Barclaycard?

Start by finding your paperwork from Barclaycard with evidence of mis-sold PPI. You will need this to make a claim. If you no longer have the paperwork, don’t worry, at PPIClaims.com we can find out if you bought PPI on any previous products or accounts.

If you notice that your account had PPI attached to it, think back to when it was sold to you. Can you remember:

  • When or why you agreed to it?
  • If you were informed that it would be added?

If you can’t remember please don’t worry, we can check if you had PPI with Barclaycard for free.

How to start your PPI Claim with Barclaycard?

To get your PPI claim underway we’d like to discuss the details of your case with you, so your complaint can be lodged with Barclaycard on your behalf as quickly as possible.

  • In order to start your PPI claim we first need to establish if you had PPI on your Barclaycard credit card. To start your Free PPI check with Barclaycard complete our online form with your contact details.

What If my PPI Claim Has Already Been Rejected by Barclaycard?

If you have raised a previous PPI complaint with Barclaycard which was not upheld, you are now be entitled to raise a further complaint relating only to the commission charged under the Plevin ruling on your PPI policy, please complete our online PPI High Commission refund form.

credit card companies who are facing Mis-sold PPI queries:

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Yorkshire Bank Credit Card PPI Claim

Did you have a Credit Card with Barclaycard, LLoyds, RBS, Yorkshire Bank, HBOS, MBNA, Halifax or Other Lender between 1988 - 2014 ?

You may been Mis-sold PPI
Find out if you have PPI to Reclaim

Get a FREE PPI Check** Don't Miss the PPI Deadline No Cold Calling Guarantee £Billions Remain Unclaimed! GET A FREE PPI CHECK** TODAY

Points to Consider – 1

1. Is there any information that needs correcting or adding, eg, your name, a joint claimant, any dates, addresses or information about the product you took out with the lender? If so, make the amendments and countersign the revisions made, otherwise your form will be rejected as invalid which will delay your case. Also call us on 0333 443 9158 so we can update your details on our system.

If you have been sent 2 separate ‘Forms of Authority’ for a lender; one for the first account holder, the other for the second account holder, these must be signed separately. This is because the lender will not accept jointly signed forms for joint accounts. This applies mainly to Barclays and any other lender in the Barclays group.

Points to Consider – 2

2. Sign and date the forms clearly. If this is left blank, dated incorrectly or you write your date of birth here, this will invalidate your form, and delay your case.

If you receive a form just in your name, and realise the account was in fact a joint account, please call us on 0333 443 9158 so your case information can be updated and the correct form re-issued to you for both account holders to sign.

The PPI Reclaim Process – Step 3

Returning the Pack

Read, sign and send the papers back in the pre-paid envelope.

Situations could arise that may cause delays in your PPI being investigated. This section deals with the way we contact you if further information is needed before your PPI Check is sent to your lender.

Once your pack is received by Money Management Team first task is to check that all the necessary information has been included. All of the documents in the pack are necessary to start the PPI Check and for it to proceed. If the pack is sent back with missing documents or if they are unsigned in the correct place, your PPI Check will be placed on hold until the right information is obtained.

Remember for a joint account, both parties have to sign all of the documents before they are returned. This may differ from lender to lender, but you will be advised of any different requirements, where necessary.

The PPI Reclaim Process – Step 4

Your PPI Check

Once we have received all the documentation we require, we will request your PPI Check from your lender. If your lender confirms that PPI was not present, we will close your case and advise you of this. If PPI was or may have been present, we will contact you to advise you of your options, including the possibility of making a claim to recover any money you may be rightfully owed by your lender for any mis-sold PPI.

Should you pursue a claim, we will complete a PPI Questionnaire with you which is necessary to make the complaint. You will then be sent a copy of this, along with forms to sign to confirm you are happy with the information we have gathered to present your complaint to your lender.

Upon receipt of your signed forms, we will issue a formal Letter of Complaint to your lender, starting the process of recovering any money your lender may owe you for PPI.

The PPI Reclaim Process – Step 5

Getting the Decision

Have you received an offer? Is your money on its way back to you?

Once your claim letter has been received, the lender must acknowledge this and start the investigation. FCA guidelines for PPI investigations state that a lender must respond to the complaint within eight weeks, with either:

  • A final response to the complaint, advising whether they are upholding or rejecting it, or;
  • A reason why they have not reached a decision – requests for further information can delay the completion of the investigation. It is therefore important you respond to such requests as soon as possible to prevent delays.

A final response to a PPI complaint should be either:

  • A recognised case of PPI mis-selling, where we aim to recover 100% of any premiums you have paid, plus any interest paid on those premiums and where possible a further 8% in simple interest, or;
  • A rejected claim and the reasons for it, which would be explained in writing.

The PPI Reclaim Process – Step 6

Appealing a Rejection

If a case is rejected, we may be able to lodge an appeal at no extra charge.

Receiving a letter rejecting your PPI claim is disappointing, but need not be the end of the line.

If your claim has already been rejected by the lender, there an option of approaching the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to independently review the case. They can overturn the rejection, if they establish the lender has mis-sold the policy. This service will not cost extra, the no-win-no-fee± promise still stands.

The FOS are used to dealing with many thousands of PPI claims and instructing lenders to pay compensation where they feel it is due. Unfortunately, complaint numbers are so high that the FOS is struggling to keep up.

±Charges may be raised if you cancel your claim after the 14 day cool off period

The PPI Reclaim Process – Step 7

Invoices and Fees

If your claim is successful, what happens next?

Successful offers are passed to the offers team who deal with the offer made and progress the case accordingly.

Mostly, lenders will reimburse you directly by transferring funds into your account or by sending a cheque if you are no longer a customer. Money Management Team will send you an invoice for our fees of 20% + VAT of the total redress offered by your lender, including any reduction of any outstanding agreement.

Occasionally, a lender will send your payment directly to Money Management Team as we are acting as your representative. Should this happen, we will deduct the requisite 20% + VAT of the total redress offered by your lender, including any reduction of any outstanding agreement, before sending the remainder on to you.

The PPI Reclaim Process

Reclaim process complete!


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We comply with the PFCA Code of Practice

PPI Claims for Deceased Persons

Deceased Persons

If a PPI policyholder is deceased, any money owed to them becomes part of their estate, so whoever inherits the estate is entitled to make a PPI reclaim. This can be done by an executor or the person appointed to carry out their wishes after death. We automatically assume that reclaiming mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for deceased parents and grandparents may not be possible due to the passage of time.

However, the truth of the matter is it is quite straight forward to make a successful claim for mis-sold PPI for someone who is deceased.

To reclaim mis-sold PPI start with a FREE PPI check** with us today.


Claim Back Mis-sold PPI on Loans, Credit Cards, Store Cards & Mortgages

Let us Find out if you had PPI and what you may be owed

Free PPI Check on Multiple Accounts. PPI Check & Claim Management Service Don't Miss the FCA Deadline

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Armed Forces Personnel & PPI

Armed Forces PPI

Armed forces personnel have cover for sickness, accident & unemployment built into their salaries. This protection means that if a member of the armed forces was unable to work due to one of these reasons, they would still be able to meet any mortgage, loan or credit card repayments they had. So any PPI insurance policies would NOT have been appropriate. To find out if you can reclaim for mis-sold PPI, start a FREE PPI check** with us today.

UK Expats & Non-British Nationals

Expat PPI Claim

Did you have a loan, credit card or mortgage in the UK between 1988 and 2014? As a British Expat or Non-UK National who has lived in the UK for a long period, it is likely that finances were arranged while you were a resident in Britain. This may include loans, mortgages or credit cards and, even though you are no longer living in the country you can still claim mis-sold PPI. You could be eligible to claim for mis-sold PPI!

Public Sector Workers PPI Claim

Public Sector PPI

For many public sector workers, the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) they were sold was useless. However, for some of these workers it would not have been useless, depending on the policy type and cover it provided them with.

If you had PPI and it provided you with extra cover that hadn’t been included in your employment contract, then it may have been useful for you.

Business PPI Check and Claims

Business PPI Claims - Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance

Business PPI - Like most consumer PPI policies, business PPI also know as commercial PPI was sold alongside secured and unsecured loans, overdrafts, credit cards and mortgages. Business Loan Repayment Insurance is a type of insurance policy sold alongside commercial loans, including Fixed Rate Loans, Variable Rate Loans and Treasury Loans. If you had a commercial or business loan between 1988 and 2014 you may be eligible for a PPI refund. Start a Free Business PPI Check and find out if you have mis-sold PPI to reclaim.