Rejected PPI Claims & Plevin

Everyone who submitted a PPI claim wanted a successful outcome from their case. However, millions of PPI claims were rejected by the banks and lenders. So why were so many claims rejected and is there anything you can now do about it now?

Reasons Why a PPI claim was rejected

  • Insufficient Evidence - A common reason why so many claims were was due to insufficient evidence provided to the bank or lender. If you found in this yourself situation, you could have submitted more evidence to the bank in the form of credit agreements, statements and policy details etc.
  • Bank or Lender made an error - many banks and lenders falsely rejected some claims from customers.
    In Sept 2018 Barclays admitted to PPI compensation error they made where customers were wrongly told they did not have PPI.
    The Lloyds banking group admitted it wrongly rejected 61,000 PPI claims after after a whistleblower revealed that LBG owed £770 million in compensation to 4.37 million people at the end of August 2019.
  • Missed PPI deadline - If you missed the PPI deadline because of exceptional circumstances, you may STILL be able to complain. For most, you can no longer submit a mis-sold PPI reclaim directly to a firm. However, you are still able to submit a PPI commission claim under the Plevin ruling even if you missed the PPI deadline.

You can still Claim Again Under the 'Plevin' Ruling

The Plevin ruling has given many customers a chance to claim compensation even if they were previously rejected for a mis-sold PPI claim, even with the PPI deadline passing.  If you were not mis-sold PPI and there were hidden commissions involved you may be entitled to compensation.

Find out more about Plevin below and how MoneyPlus Legal can help those who have been denied a payment, received only partial refunds or have never made a claim for a mis-sold PPI policy, and could now be entitled to refund under the Plevin ruling.

What is Plevin?

Plevin refers to a Supreme Court case from November 2014 where Mrs Susan Plevin brought a case against Paragon Personal Finance Ltd regarding her PPI policy. The claim was centred around the commission charges on a PPI policy that Mrs Susan Plevin was sold to cover a secured loan from Paragon.

Mrs Plevin later discovered that in small print of the terms and conditions of the PPI policy that a whopping 71.8% of her premium was the amount of commission she was charged by the lender. She alleged that this was unfair and unclear and took Paragon to court and the case went up to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court agreed with Mrs Plevin and her lawyers, and determined that the sale of the PPI policy was unfair because of the following reasons:

  1. The commission payment was not disclosed;
  2. The high percentage of the PPI premium that was paid as commission.

This decision set precedent for a new category of PPI claims, and opened the floodgates against banks and other finance firms who had sold PPI to their customers.

How is Plevin different to mis-sold PPI?

Originally the PPI scandal was focused on the mis-selling of PPI and whether the policy was suitable or not at the point of sale. however a Plevin PPI claim's focus is on whether your bank or finance provider took a high-level commission from your mortgage PPI premium(s) without telling you about it. If  the commission was hidden, or the commission was unfairly high, then this is deemed to be an unfair relationship between the lender and borrower and is eligible for compensation claim.

Because Plevin claims are based on a completely different area of law, namely the Consumer Credit Act 1974, they are not subject to the FCA's PPI deadline, so claims are still being processed today.

Claiming under the Plevin ruling

You could be eligible to make a claim if:

  • Your PPI policy was open after 6 April 2007;
  • You have not previously complained about Mis-sold PPI to a bank or finance provider;
  • Your PPI Claim was previously rejected by your bank or finance provider;
  • Your Bank or finance provider only refunded you for the “Plevin only” part of your PPI (also known as a “tipping point offer”)
    The Plevin ruling means that if more than 50% of your PPI’s cost went to hidden commission to the lender, or the lender and the broker combined, and it was not sufficiently explained to you, you are due compensation.

How we can help with your Plevin PPI Claim

MoneyPlus Legal is a Plevin PPI Claims specialist, whose core focus is on helping consumers who were sold PPI to use all available and possible options to obtain a legal remedy for compensation of undisclosed & high commission from the finance provider.

If you’re unsure whether you are eligible to make a claim under the Plevin ruling please don't worry as MoneyPlus Legal will always conduct a full review of all your PPI credit agreement(s) to establish whether there is a case for unfair relationship.

MoneyPlus legal will use their specialist 'Plevin' PPI claims experience to investigate, negotiate and settle any claim as quickly as possible. Our Plevin PPI Check and claim service is simple and completed on a no win no fee basis* and you will be kept informed throughout the claim process.

The Plevin Claims Process

Step 1

Start Your Free
Plevin PPI Check

MoneyPlus Legal will call you to discuss your potential claim, confirm some details & explain the next steps to progress your claim.

Step 2

Sign & Return Our Pre-Filled Forms

MoneyPlus Legal will send out a claim pack with letter of authority to sign & return back so they can start your Plevin PPI check.

Step 3

Your Plevin Claim Eligibility Checked

MoneyPlus Legal will contact the lender(s) to ascertain how much commission was charged on your PPI policy & eligibility for a refund.

 Ready To Get Started?

If your PPI claim was rejected you are eligible to submit a new PPI claim under the Plevin ruling. Start a Free Plevin PPI check with  MoneyPlus Legal to establish if you have a valid Plevin PPI claim for high commission.

     MoneyPlus Legal Plevin PPI Service:

  • 100% free - No obligation Plevin PPI check
  • Operates on a No-Win, No Fee Basis
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  • Fully Regulated by the SRA

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